The Two Homes of Club Atlético Belgrano – Part Two

In Part One I showed you the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes, which hosts the most important matches of Club Atlético Belgrano of Córdoba, Argentina. Their other, historic, home is El Gigante in the working class neighbourhood of Alberdi.

I only attended one match here, which was a great novelty to me as it isn’t used so often, but also managed to sneak in one day to have a look around. The concrete seats aren’t the most comfortable, but it is a brilliant and more authentic experience to visit this stadium. You are packed in, health and safety isn’t so much of an issue as it would be back home in England, and it feels intimate. There are no seat numbers, you just find a space and park yourself.

It’s a shame the bigger matches can’t be hosted here as it feels like a more authentic home than the Kempes. Recently the club began a campaign to raise money to renovate the stadium, in order to allow Belgrano to return to their home.

Cba 26 Ago 2012 015

Stadium entrance

Cba 26 Ago 2012 012

Behind the goal – The Alfredo Escuti Tribuna

Cba 26 Ago 2012 013

The main stand

Cba 26 Ago 2012 014

The pitch, looking good!

Cba Sept 2012 008

Graffiti on the walls outside

Cba Sept 2012 012

In 2005 the club celebrated its 100th birthday

Cba Sept 2012 013

Map of Barrio Alberdi, including the stadium and crest of Belgrano

Cba Sept 2012 015

Club Atletico Belgrano, Cordoba


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