Premier League Matchday 22: Top Observations

Saints’ surprise Austin steal

With his limited Premier League experience and a tendency for niggling injuries, there are some who may argue that Charlie Austin was not worth the risk. However, considering his proven top-flight scoring record and his much reduced transfer fee, it is surprising that his move to Southampton did not generate more of a fight. While the Saints are a promising club who play fine football, there are bigger clubs (one cannot help but think of Manchester United) that could’ve done with such an affordable and available additional option up front.

Delph delivers

In what was his finest performance since his troubled move to the Etihad, Fabian Delph has done much to enhance both his domestic and international prospects. His ability to screen the defence before silkily redistributing to the attack was akin to Fernandinho at his best, and meant City hardly missed the Brazilian during their 4-0 defeat of Crystal Palace. The kerfuffle of his transfer, and early injury issues, are hopefully behind him and he now has the platform to prove himself as one of the signings of the summer window.

Hiddink the definitive Mourinho antidote

Their form has not improved greatly, and there is much to do to change anything significant about their thus far terrible season. However, the sight of Hiddink admitting refereeing good fortune for his side was a welcome end to the bitter lashings of Chelsea’s previous manager. Where once it would have been turned around as the exception to a ludicrous rule of everyone being against them, it was an affable admission of luck that baffled even the interviewer. With the siege walls slowly coming down, could Stamford Bridge once again be a happier place?

Shame on Ramsey!

I mean, how dare he have his leg broken? He may have since riled Stoke fans with some negative comments, but I mean really, he surely deserves all he gets just for the injury alone? Here’s hoping the Britannia’s warming rendition of “Aaron Ramsey, he walks with a limp” gets the media attention such wit/petulant nastiness deserves.


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