Premier League Match Day 36: Top Observations

Chat shit, win the league

Gary Lineker best be getting his pump on, as Leicester City confined him to presenting in his pants after they completed arguably the greatest ever achievement in the history of team sport. At the beginning of the season, bookies were twice as confident of Piers Morgan becoming Arsenal manager as they were of the Foxes winning the league. However, thanks to an incredible, consistent campaign full of star individuals and definite collective will, they bask in the most incredible of domestic triumphs. Towards the end a couple of nerves began to fray, as Vardy and Drinkwater began to quite literally chat shit at the officials. However, as the now famous utterance promised, they followed up the chat with a bang, as a Spurs draw guaranteed long, hearty celebration for Ranieri’s men.

 Spurs falter under the spotlight

In time, this will be seen a great season for Spurs: a top two finish, Champions League football next season and a squad full of exciting, young players. However, the way in which they handed Leicester an early title crown came considerably from a loss of collective cool. Following the draw with West Bromwich Albion, they crumbled to another draw to Chelsea in a performance lacking their seasons long mental and physical fortitude. Their nine bookings, ones albeit a part of a tasty, crunching game and in reaction to a lot of provocative Chelsea antics, spoke of a team that had completely lost its cool. When it really got tough, Leicester dug in and fought back from troubles. When the same happened to Spurs, Dembele gouged Diego Costa in the eye.

City’s second string shocker

It is understandable that Pellegrini wants to prioritise the Champions League. Heck, one can even appreciate him not being too caring for a club that have so publicly chased his successor seemingly throughout his entire managerial reign. However, in the face of an admittedly superb Southampton performance, a second string City side mystified in their sheer awfulness. Kelechi aside (the season’s undersung youth star) the side were dreadful: slow, shapeless and devoid of any fighting spirit in the face of repeated Saints attacks. These are players with a chance to both impress an incoming manager and possibly fight their way into the side for the second leg at the Bernebau. Despite this, the majority seemed like their manager: looking elsewhere and heading towards the exit.

Squeaky bums down the bottom

The top is finished, but the bottom looks set to go down to the wire. A last-minute Defoe penalty clawed Sunderland closer to safety, but it was Newcastle’s triumphs over Pardew’s Palace that really hotted things up. With Norwich losing again, it now looks like a straight fight across the North East for the last spot to escape the drop. I would predict a winner, but after the last few weeks, why even bother. Either way, it is going to make for tense, terrific viewing.


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